About Keion

Our singular purpose is to provide guidance and execution support to facilitate the commercialization of nascent technologies. We do this because we are passionate about technology, and we believe that we can find commercial value where others may not see the obvious path. We offer our services to companies, investors, and universities who need help validating or translating their technologies and products to the market. We have expertise working in various corporate environments from fortune 500 companies to multi-billion dollar private companies and have extensive experience commercializing technologies within the corporate environment helping fill specialized commercial development needs.  We also have experience with new ventures from startups to early stage company development helping entrepreneurs and universities accelerate their commercial goals.

We are present in St. Louis, MO and Sioux Falls, SD as these two cities represent the preeminent Biotechnology and Agricultural hubs in the Midwestern United States. We will work with you wherever in the world you may be, but if you have a technology that needs business support and are in the Midwest region we are well positioned to help.


Our name Keion comes from the Greek word Kerukeion, which is the original name of Hermes Staff. Hermes was the Greek god of transitions and boundaries and our name was inspired by this mythological god to represent the safe passage of commerce. You can see the original staff in our logo (on right).  We have embraced the symbolism of this staff as we seek to provide support for our clients to de-risk the transition of commercializing new technologies from the bench to the market.