We know Business too.  Everyone at Keion has significant industry experience and formal training including a few MBAs.  Once we understand the science behind your innovation, we can help you to understand how to commercialize your technology successfully.

Our mantra says that we “translate science into business.”  This is the key to our success.  You may have a developed technology that you think will change the world, but there are many things to consider before your technology can be commercialized.  There are many questions that need to be addressed.  Although you have a great technology is anyone willing to pay for it and how much?  Will you face difficulty from similar competitive products currently in the market or soon to be?   You will need to communicate your technology value effectively to would be investors or to executive decision makers in your company, line up the appropriate management or development teams, develop effective marketing plans and line up your supply chain.  If you are unable to accomplish all of this you won’t be successful.  We have done this before, successfully, many times ourselves and with our clients.  Our goal is to help you navigate this road, to take advice where needed, and when to go your own way.  We want you to succeed.

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