We are here to help you, as much or as little as you prefer.  Our primary goal is to help you succeed with your business.  And we can help you in a variety of ways, whether you only want to meet with us for one or two days a month to bounce questions and ideas off of us, or whether you want a full time commitment where we help develop your commercial plan or are out executing on this plan.

There are plenty of firms out there that can give you a pretty looking PowerPoint deck with all sorts of sophisticated looking graphs and infinitely refined comments.  Not to toot our own horn, but we can (and will if you like) provide you with the highest quality “corporate arts & crafts”, but we’d rather spend our time collecting and analyzing data, and synthesizing a tactical plan to execute.  What would you rather have for your engagement fee?  The PowerPoint deck that a team of analysts (that you paid for) stay up late moving text boxes pixel by pixel until they all line up on all slides (it is very pretty) that gives recommendations on how to drive sales or secure funding, or our team of engagement professionals that will accomplish all of this and provide you “business development on demand”, where we will be out at trade shows pitching your products and generating revenue producing sales, or taking you and your company on a road show to our network of investors, raising capital to accelerate the growth of your business?

Keion is focused on helping all stages of life science companies, University OTMs, and life science investors.  Below is a summary of the clients we help and some of the services we provide:

Start – up / New Venture

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Management CEO / COO
  • Cradle to Grave Business Plan
  • Commercialization Strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Contract / Term Sheet Negotiation
  • Strategic Partner solicitation

Established Company

  • “Business Development on Demand”
  • Strategic Review / Analysis
  • Growth capital fundraising
  • Growth strategy / business plan
  • Contract / Term Sheet Negotiation


  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
    • Technology Evaluation
    • Management Evaluation
    • Financial / Forensic Accounting/Valuation
  • Investment Search
    • “Boil the Ocean”
    • Comparable Company / Transaction Search
  • Interim Management
    • CEO / COO
    • “Business Development on Demand”
    • Market / Strategy Analysis

University Offices of Technology Transfer

  • Advise / manage university spin out companies
  • IP portfolio analysis
  • Strategic sourcing / partnering
  • Opportunity evaluation / rationale assistance

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